Smart Solutions

In Real Life

Save your money

Besides the logical prise of our services , save more money on your monthly invoice

Create a schedule

synchronise your home appliances with your own routine.

Connect all your devices

With IFTTT interaction , all your devices are connected to each other.


Rise and Shine!

The alarm is on and it’s time to wake up,

All your home is helping you to get ready for your work! The T.V is on, blinds are up and the sun is in!

The kettle is on and your coffee is being brewed! 


Time for shower!

No need for the light switches when you have the motion sensor!

The motion sensor can indicate the movement, when you enter the bathroom all the lights are on and when you leave they will turn off.


Out of home

After leaving to work the lights turn off, heating/cooling devices turn off and the blinds lower/go up to maintain

the house heat.

In this way, you save both energy and money while you are at work.


After a long day at work it’s time to relax!

Soft music in the background, lights are dimmed and the house temperature is set!

Just lay down on the couch and remove all the stress away!

Vacation mode is On!

There is no need to worry about your home while you are away, as it will maintain it’s everyday activities and no one will notice that the house is vacant.

plus if there is any small movement around the house, the app will send you a notification.

Taking care of your children

The smart door window sensor, helps you secure your home, whenever your child tries to open window/door a direct notification will be sent to your phone.

The smart plug, helps you control many devices like computers, T.V, PlayStation, etc…

In this way, these devices won’t be available during late hours and the children will not have any access to any of them.


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