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At Agile we make it our first priority to make your life easier. Our Smart Home Solutions work with your smartphone to keep you in control of your home comforts, even when you’re away.



Control your home from anywhere at any time, Through your smartphone & tablet.



The APP is a friendly use panel, easy to personalize your everyday life.


Suits your home ,without drilling or changing wires.

Your home between your hands

Our application is super easy to use and will meet all your needs in a very simplified form. 

Easy to install

Agile system is easy to install. No drilling or changing wires is needed.

A visit from our technicians is all what it takes to have your system ready, you can start with any zone in your house and then add more and more whenever you desire.

Feel Control

Agile helps you to control your smart home, drop the curtains, turn off lights, mute the TV and lock your home doors.

Do your magic!

With Agile apps, you can go creative.

Create new scenarios for your home that suit your everyday life. Wake up on your favorite music while the sun blends with your morning coffee aroma in the background.


Controlling my house appliances remotely was absolutely a new experience. It helped me reduce my electriciity bill by 25%

Dr. Mohammed Awartani

Agile team was able to setup my house smart solution in less that 12 hours. I Highly recommend them. I was truly happy from the outcome

Wael Quttene


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